Posted on 26th February 2019 in Publications

Research paper on the modelling of turbulent heat transfer in an impinging jet with different working fluids

Our simulation engineer Andrea co-authored the paper “Modelling of a planar impinging jet at unity, moderate and low Prandtl number“, which has now been published in Annals of Nuclear Energy.

Andrea published this paper while working as a CFD consultant for the Nuclear Research and consultancy Group (NRG) based in the Netherlands.

The paper assesses the performance of several basic and advanced turbulence models in the predicting of the turbulent flow and temperature fields in a planar impinging jet flow. Impinging jets are found in a broad range of industrial processes due to the high heat and mass transfer rates that can be achieved in this flow configuration. Therefore, the availability of accurate numerical models is a pressing need. In this work it is highlighted how the prediction of the turbulent flow field represents a major challenge for standard two-equation RANS models. Furthermore, the limitations of the so-called Reynolds analogy in the prediction of the turbulent heat flux at low Prandtl number are also evident. It is demonstrated that the use of advanced algebraic closures for the turbulent heat flux can dramatically improve the accuracy in the prediction of the mean quantities of engineering interest – i.e. the mean temperature and the Nusselt number – especially at moderate and low Prandtl number. It is also inferred that an ideal model should employ advanced non-isotropic closures for  both the momentum and the temperature turbulent fluxes. 

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